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Message Break Handling Program


The basic function is to execute commands on behalf of a user when requested by helpdesk/support staff. It's handy when you want to see what's in their QTEMP library - you just send a command to copy objects to a permanent library you can look at. The version we use can emulate *BREAK, *HOLD & *NOTIFY message delivery, as well as add a *STATUS version (resends user messages as status messages). It also links into EMS (see above), but I've dropped that as well. This version just does *HOLD.

download Download

ALLSRCMBRS.MBR - Not zipped as it's only 4Kb

The code is packaged in SRCPARSER format. See installation instructions for details. I haven't included a MAKE routine for it as there are only a few members, and they're only a few lines each. If you want the full set of routines, let me know. Standalone application - installing to V4R2? or maybe earlier.
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