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DBG400 Site map


Free Software/Open Source applications and utilities


Spooled file

  • PRGOUTQ - Delete old spooled files
  • MOVOUTQ - Move selected spooled files
  • ACTOUTQ - Hold/release/save/delete selected spooled files
  • CHGOUTQSPL - Apply parms from CHGSPLFA to selected spooled files on an *OUTQ


  • CHKLVLCHK - Analyse programs for potential level check errors
  • Progress meter - pseudo-graphical progress meter for interactive and batch programs
  • CHKTMPSTG - Check active jobs for temporary storage over a pre-set threshold.
  • RUNPGMTRC/PRTPGMTRC - Tracks all executed statements when a program (OPM RPG & CL only) is run.
  • CHKEVALS - Check EVAL statements for potential MCH1210 errors (receiver too small to hold result).
  • DASDMON - a background job that monitors system DASD, and temporary storage used by active jobs on the system.
  • GETMSGD - generates a CLP member with code to recreate all the messages in a message file.
  • EMS - A single machine messaging system that's a bit more user friendly than SNDMSG/DSPMSG.
  • Break Handling program - Message break handling program allows commands to be sent to a user's session.
  • BLDLIBINFO - Build library information database

See also

  • SourceCodeList links to all the source members used in my utilities
  • Downloads - has links to the utility pages (as above) and a direct download link for all available software

Other iSeries projects

  • ClamAVoniSeries covers installing and running Clam AV anti-virus in iSeries PASE
  • EditingWithVim has the Vim files I use for working on iseries code on my Linux desktop
  • RunningHMCCommands details setting up the System i to run commands on the HMC to move a tape drive between LPARs

Third party contributions

  • UNDEL2 Dave McKenzie's user state undelete utility (public domain)


  • UbuntuLinuxOnDV1066ea goes through my experiences installing and using Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. Covers the initial Warty (4.10) install and subsequent upgrades to Warty (5.04), Breezy (5.10), Dapper (6.06), Edgy (6.10) and Feisty (7.04).
  • UbuntuLinuxOnInspiron6400 talks about my first system pre-loaded with Linux


  • FeedBack for your views & thoughts on this site
  • PrivacyPolicy for details on what details on you are held here

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