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MOVOUTQ - Move selected spooled files from one output queue to another


MOVOUTQ is designed to make moving spoolfiles around much easier. You can use the standard CHGSPLFA to move spooled files to a specific output queue, but this doesn't give you a great deal of control. MOVOUTQ shares some common selection critera with CHGSPLFA as well as some of its own to give you greater flexiblity when managing your reports.

Just specify the source and target *OUTQs, and then any selection criterea you may want. By default MOVOUTQ will move all spooled files in the source *OUTQ to the target. You can use the selection parameters in combination to more narrowly define the spooled files to be moved.

If you downloaded this prior to 23/09/03 then you have a bug frown Change the length of P#Status in DBG194R4? (around line 54) to 6 and recompile. It affected use of (i.e. broke) the status parameter of the command. Thanks for the feedback on that Jo Anne.



MOVOUTQ parameters - they should all be familiar. See the command help for full details.

download Download

zip Packaged in SRCPARSER format. Installation instructions are the same as for DBG/400 - just run MAKEMOVOUT instead of MAKEDBG this time

warning You must have already installed DBG/400 and WRKUSROUTQ, as they share a number of common files & programs.
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