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On Wednesday I added some more RAM to this server but the graphics card died in the process frown I ordered a replacement off eBay (a Matrox Millenium G200 - all of 1.49 + postage) which arrived this morning and is now installed. Updated the main page because life has just begun for me, so the saying goes wink

-- MartinRowe - 23 Dec 2005

Another speed increase from my ISP, ntl:, now gives around 4.5Mbit/sec downstream and 512Kbit/sec up. The downstream link is constrained by the set top box they provided earlier this year (so much for future-proofing); once a cable modem is installed I should see up to 10Mbit/sec - which is nice.

-- MartinRowe - 19 Dec 2005

ALERT! NOTE: I've had to lock down registration of new users as there was too much abuse (and spam). Now only those listed in TWikiUsers? can create new users. Email me for the TWikiGuest? password to register yourself, or I can set your account up for you. When Dakar, the next version of TWiki is released (soon) there will be more options for controlling wiki spam and related problems, so I should be able to open things up again.

-- MartinRowe - 04 Nov 2005

My son Ben is eight today. It doesn't seem nearly that long ago. Time doesn't just fly when you have kids; it has scramjets. [Which might have something to do with Ben being born on the day that Thrust SSC went supersonic to take the land speed record]

-- MartinRowe - 15 Oct 2005

I've removed the users who had registered on this site. They hadn't added any comments about themselves, or indicated why they wanted an ID here. The latest one was Chinese wiki spam with plenty of comments (in Chinese) about some kind of cooking pot their company offered (from what Google translate could tell me). I'm happy for people to register if they have something to do with one (or more) of the topics covered here, but a bit of background info is needed to prove it's a genuine registration. I've now added some comments to this effect on the %TWIKIWEB%.TWikiRegistration page.

A new version of TWiki (that this site runs on) is due out later this year. From the look of the developer version it should be extremely good.

-- MartinRowe - 29 Sep 2005

A few minor updates to the UbuntuLinuxOnDV1066ea page. Thanks to an email, I've found out that the wireless LED indicator on the laptop can be made to work. I'm looking forward to Breezy when it's released in October

-- MartinRowe - 25 Aug 2005

Moved the Google ads to the side. It saves me having to include the code on every page, and it's less intrusive (I hope).

I've updated the Ubuntu Linux on an HP dv1066ea laptop page and moved it into the wiki. The old url is still valid as a redirect. It's actually the most popular page on the site, so it must have been worth doing.

-- MartinRowe - 15 Aug 2005

I still get requests for the Vim syntax files for RPG that I and others worked on three years ago. So if you are interested in EditingWithVim you're in luck wink

-- MartinRowe - 05 Aug 2005

ClamAVoniSeries is a HOWTO on getting the Clam anti virus tool to work on the iSeries using PASE.

-- MartinRowe - 23 Jul 2005

Added a few new pages, FeedBack and PrivacyPolicy, to encourage participation on this site.

-- MartinRowe - 10 Jul 2005

Fun and games... I have changed domain registrars (now with GoDaddy) but my domain expired during the transfer. Godaddy offer an extra year's renewal when transferring to them, but that didn't kick in until today. I'm still trying to get DNS sorted out - dbg400.net has been invisible for the past 24 hours frown

-- MartinRowe - 06 Jul 2005

I've turned off the viewcvs cgi interface - access to the code for my utilities is now via the SourceCodeList page.

-- MartinRowe - 25 Jun 2005

This TWiki, and not just the web server, is running on mod-perl now - oops. I was running Apache2, but just couldn't get the config right to activate mod-perl2 with TWiki. For the time being, I've reverted to Apache 1.3 with original mod-perl. The site is noticably quicker, for every request - not just the few I saw originally.

-- MartinRowe - 23 May 2005

The joys of hosting a website on a dynamic cable connection. My ISP dropped the connection and I've had to re-register my router with their system - and get given a new IP address. I've updated DNS for dbg400.net and the dyndns aliases, but it will take a while to filter through the system.

-- MartinRowe - 20 May 2005

I've enabled mod-perl on this server to speed up the response of this TWiki. I think there are probly more things I can tweak, but for now there seems to be at least a 2x improvement. If you find any odd effects from the change, let me know.

-- MartinRowe - 19 May 2005

At last! My ISP have increased the bandwidth on my broadband link. Although download speed has doubled to 3Mbit/s, upload has only gone up to 300Kbit/s (less than 20% jump). Still, it should mean that this site is a little quicker to download from.

-- MartinRowe - 17 May 2005

Moved the old links page to LinksPage, updating/removing links at the same time.

-- MartinRowe - 12 May 2005

Removed URLs on this site that point to my dyndns.org alias of dbg400.homeip.net as I'd prefer search engines to refer to dbg400.net instead. As both domains resolve to the same physical box it seems a bit redundant to type in a longer URL.

-- MartinRowe - 11 May 2005

Two more changes, fairly obvious ones if you've visited the site before. You'll see Google Ads at the top of each page of the non-TWiki site. I'm not sure how they'll work out, but any income they generate will help keep my broadband funded. If they prove worthwhile I'll include them on this TWiki web too.

Also you'll see a new logo (at the top left of this page). I'm slowly going through the site updating the content and thought the old logo looked pretty poor when shrunk down to fit the TWiki template. The new logo looks (imho) and scales better. Enjoy smile

-- MartinRowe - 07 May 2005

I've finally taken the plunge and taken over the hosting of dbg400.net. I had no problems with the service I was getting from the hosting company, but renewal is due in a fortnight, and my bandwidth allowance would soon need topping up too. Given that I'm already paying for my broadband connection, and have the web server running, I thought I'd bring it all together. It's been 24 hours since changing DNS, so everyone should be getting my local server now.

The old dyndns.org alias of dbg400.homeip.net will still work for the foreseeable future.

-- MartinRowe - 05 May 2005

My local mirror dbg400.net and cvs server dbg400.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi have been moved off the old server (an old IBM desktop Pentium 100 with 80Mb RAM) to a slightly more spritely machine (Athlon 850 with 1Gb RAM). One of the main reasons for the move was so I could implement a TWiki engine. I really like the idea of wikis, and I've been very impressed with TWiki so far. At present there is just a shell, but I hope to move most/all my content over to it; it's easier for me to maintain, and opens it up to others who want to contribute. You can access the Twiki at dbg400.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/DBG400

-- MartinRowe - 18 Apr 2005

Old news can be accessed from www.dbg400.net/oldnews.html
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