DBG/400 News 2007

Apologies for the site outage for the last 24 hours or so. My IP address got changed by my ISP yesterday and I didn't notice until this morning. The domain DNS has been updated and should be working for everyone by the end of today.

-- MartinRowe - 05 Dec 2007

This website was running on my backup server for most of today. One of the disks in the host server (this runs in a VMware virtual machine) failed last weekend, though fortunately it was the backup disk, and I've lost very little that can't be replaced. I ordered a pair of SATA disks and have rebuilt the host server today using them as a mirrored RAID set with software RAID. Getting everything going again was quite easy this time as all I had to do was install VMware Server, copy over my virtual machine to the new disk and start it going. I now need to take a copy of the old master disk on the host server, as that is the same type (and batch) as the failed one.

-- MartinRowe - 16 Jun 2007

Just got back from holiday to find the broadband upgrade has been completed. From what I've read in Virgin Media's newsgroups upload speed is the limiting issue - faster downloads can be achieved in the current infrastructure, but the latest upload speeds are probably pushing their network. Still, from a quick test at speedtest.net I've got at least a 200kbps increase over a week ago.

-- MartinRowe - 02 Jun 2007

Upgraded TWiki to run the latest patch release - twiki 4.1.2 My ISP - now Virgin Media - have announced the latest broadband speed increase. Some time from next month onwards they will be rolling out 20Mbit/s. 10Mbit/s has seemed plenty fast enough, but at least Debian (the OS my servers run on) and Ubuntu (which my desktop/laptops use) updates will be even quicker. The better part of the deal is that the upload speed gets a 50% boost; to 768 Kbit/s. What would be nice if the download/upload ratio could be the same as Virgin Media's middle tier broadband - 4Mbit/400Kbit - 2Mbit upload would come in very handy smile

-- MartinRowe - 02 Apr 2007

Added some details on running HMC commands direct from the System i (yes - we now have a System i550 at work) using SSH. At present we're just using it to move our 3583 tape library between LPARS for backups. Using i5 commands to move the drive, rather than scheduling it on the HMC, makes the backups more flexible.

Updated the site to use the latest patch release for TWiki - twiki 4.1.1

-- MartinRowe - 05 Feb 2007

Good news - TWiki 4.1 "Edinburgh" is available. I've been running it on my test system since yesterday, and it appears to be doing all the right things, so I've just upgraded the live server. Both the test & live systems are virtual machines, running on VMware Server. It has worked out very well so far.

-- MartinRowe - 17 Jan 2007

If you're reading this then you should be on the new server. Let me know if you have any problems with links or with navigating the site.

-- MartinRowe - 13 Jan 2007
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