A          R QRYXREF                                                 
     A            QRQRNM        10          COLHDG('QUERY' 'NAME')        
     A            QRQRLB        10          COLHDG('QUERY' 'LIBRARY')     
     A            QRQRTP        10          COLHDG('QUERY' 'TYPE')        
     A            QRFLNM        10          COLHDG('FILE' 'NAME')         
     A            QRFLLB        10          COLHDG('FILE' 'LIBRARY')      
     A            QRPFNM        10          COLHDG('PHYSICAL' 'FILE NAME')
     A            QRPLNM        10          COLHDG('PHYSICAL' 'FILE LIB') 
     A            QRFUSE         1          COLHDG('FILE USE' 'IN/OUT')   
     A          K QRQRNM                                                  
     A          K QRQRLB                                                  
     A          K QRFLNM                                                  
     A          K QRFLLB                                                  

-- MartinRowe - 07 Dec 2010
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