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Convert Null to Non-Null defaults - Help.
This command updates null-capable fields in the target file with a non-null
default value if that field is set to null. Non-null capable fields, or those
that have a non-null value will be left untouched. For Date fields a value of
0001-01-01 is used, Time fields are set to 00.00.00, Timestamps are set to
0001-01-01- Character fields are set to blank and numeric
fields (packed, zoned, binary, float) are set to zero.
This command requires that the EXCSQL (Execute SQL statement) command is
installed and in the job's *LIBL. This and other free utilities are available
from :HP1.http://www.dbg400.net:EHP1.
From file (FILE) - Help.
The file to update. A valid database file is required.
:HP2. File Library :EHP2.
The file's library, or *LIBL, is required.
Member (MBR) - Help.
:HP3. MBR :EHP3.
The database file member that contains the data to be converted.
*FIRST may be used to pick the first (or only) file member.

-- MartinRowe - 24 Jun 2005
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