PNLGRP Source Members

  • ACTOUTQ Help text for Action Output Queue Spoolfiles
  • CHGOUTQSPL Helptext for Change *OUTQ spool files by CMD parm
  • CRTCSVDTA Help text for Create .csv Data
  • CRTCSVSTMF Help text for Create .csv streamfile
  • CVTNULFLD Help text for Convert Null to non-null defaults
  • DBG020PG Help text for Edit Document Text
  • DBG030PG Help text for View Document Text
  • DLTOUTQSPL Help text for Delete Output Queue Spoolfiles
  • EDTFLDMAP Help text for Edit Field Mapping rules
  • EXCSQL Help text for Execute SQL statement
  • MOVOUTQ Help text for Move Output Queue
  • PRGOUTQ Help text for Purge Output Queue

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