CL Source Members

Member Description
CCHGPWD01C Change password - 8x20 hand-held scanner version
DBG005CL Work with on-line documents CPP
DBG010CL Get program text (for document heading)
DBG045CL Remove program messages
DBG046CL Create duplicate object from *LIBL object V3
DBG102CL Execute DBG links & standard SQL requests
DBG103CL Copy file - partial data set only.
DBG104CL Retrieve member details (front end to RTVMBRD cmd)
DBG105CL Select field from file
DBG106CL Create database generation script from file list
DBG107CL CRTDBGSCP Validity Checker
DBG108CL Create Program File set - CPP
DBG109CL Check program referenced object (CRTPGMFSET)
DBG110CL Database Generation command menu
DBG112CL Edit database generation scripts
DBG114CL Execute database generation script
DBG186CL WRKUSROUTQ - Work with user output queue
DBG187CL Work with user output queue
DBG193CL Purge output queue of old spool files
DBG194CL Move spoolfiles
DBG196CL Delete spoolfiles from output queue
DBG197CL Action spoolfiles on output queue DLT/RLS/HLD/SAV
DBG198CL Apply parms from CHGSPLFA to selected spooled files on an *OUTQ
DBG200CL Field Mapping selection
DBG201CL External to flat file .csv conversion
DBG203CL Create .csv Streamfile
DBG204CL Convert null fields to non-null defaults
DBG205CL DASD monitor
DBG206CL *MSGQ break handling pgm for DASDMON
DBG207CL End DASD Monitor
DBG213CL Kill Job Locks
EXCSQL Execute SQL requests
FINDSLOTID Find hardware resource by DRC index name
GETHDWRSC Get hardware resource
GETHLPTXTC Download helptext from On-line Document system
MAKECRTCVS Create all required CRTCSVDTA utility objects
MAKEDBG Create all required DBG objects
MAKEDBGSPL Create all required DBG WRUSROUTQ utility objects
MAKEDBGTDY Create all required DBG TDYPGMFSET utility objects
MAKEPRGOUT Create all required PRGOUTQ utility objects
QRYXREF Cross ref for query objects
RTNIPADDR Copyright (c) Tom Liotta
SRCPARSER Parse a DBG formatted multi-member file

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