RPGLE Source Members

  • DBG005R4 Work with on-line documents
  • DBG006R4 Rebuild index for selected document
  • DBG010R4 Display Document text
  • DBG015R4 Display Document text - printout
  • DBG020R4 Edit text utility
  • DBG030R4 Display Document text
  • DBG041R4 Format text - Parse line into individual words
  • DBG100R4 Edit database generation links
  • DBG101R4 Database generation script selection
  • DBG102R4 Execute database generation script
  • DBG103R4 Maintain scripts in DB link list
  • DBG104R4 Create DBG script from library's files
  • DBG105R4 Select field from file
  • DBG108R4 Create program file set
  • DBG186R4 Work with Output WRKOUTQ-WRKSPLF combination
  • DBG187R4 Transfer from spoolfile (maintain formatting)
  • DBG188R4 Retrieve spoolfile info by User Profile or #OUTQ
  • DBG189R4 Add standard HTML header/footer to converted *SPLF
  • DBG190R4 Work with Output WRKOUTQ-WRKSPLF - Batch FTP setup
  • DBG191R4 Fix file/member name (remove invalid characters)
  • DBG192R4 Convert path name (Unix - Windows)
  • DBG193R4 Purge output queue of old spoolfiles
  • DBG194R4 Move output queue
  • DBG195R4 Scan Spooled file
  • DBG196R4 Delete output queue spoolfiles
  • DBG197R4 Action output queue spoolfiles DLT/HLD/RLS/SAV
  • DBG198R4 Change *outq spoolfiles by CMD parms
  • DBG200R4 Field Mapping selection
  • DBG201R4 Copy to field delimited format (.csv)
  • DBG202R4 Progress indicator
  • DBG204R4 Convert Nulls to non-null defaults
  • DBG205R4 DASD monitor
  • DBG212R4 Process Object Locks
  • GETHLPTXT Download helptext from On-Line Document files
  • RTVJOBCNT Retrieve Job Count
  • SETHLPTXT Upload helptext to On-Line Document files

Miscellaneous code

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